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Lizzy Adams is a renowned Animal Psychic and Spiritual happiness coach enriching people and their pets lives through mindful practices.

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Soulful Bonds

Lizzy is the founder of Soulful Bonds. A bespoke 1-2-1 service for stressed out spiritual souls that works holistically with you, nature and animal spirit guides. To transform you from stressed out ,overwhelmed and feeling lost. To empowering you in creating the life you desire.

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Pet Therapy

Pet therapy is a collection of healing sessions that work to help things such as anxiety, nervousness as well as stored trauma in your animals. It's also the place to book in healing sessions for you if you are grieving your pets in spirit.

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Animal Communication Readings

Animal communication readings can be done for pets that have passed over the rainbow bridge or still here on the earthly plane. 

Receiving these readings can help you understand what your pet is thinking and feeling as well as connecting to them in spirit. This helps gives you closure and solace with these readings.

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